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Finishing plaster otherwise known as a skim coat is applied to either old walls or new plasterboard areas. A fresh skim coat is a great way to bring walls and ceilings back to their best creating a smooth surface that once dry will be ready to paint. Before a skim coat can be applied all wallpaper must be removed; we offer a wallpaper removing service although some customers prefer to do this themselves.

Caledonian Plastering

Smooth plastered walls and ceilings look great in all styles of properties and a typical enquiry for skimming will generally be for a new extension or attic conversion, newly built walls or to freshen up existing rooms.

In preparation for skimming, we use other products in our prep work and when repairing old walls and ceilings, such as bonding otherwise known as under coat plaster and different types of plasterboard.

These products are used to create a surface that is ready for finishing plaster, typically areas that are back to the sub straight i.e. the original brick. We can discuss the best products for your project from moisture resistant plasterboard to sound block plasterboard. A typical enquiry is the removal of artex ceilings and the repair of walls after tile removal and in these cases both bonding and plasterboard could be used.

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